Why Should You Visit / Maktek Izmir Fair

High quality products with competitive prices. You can find new products of world’s leading brands, compare them easily with a wide range of alternatives and get advantageous prices.

Latest design and trends. You can see latest trends, new designs and alternatives in the exhibiton which brings together world’s leading brands and companies.

Make B2B meeting with company owners. You can meet with producers and dealers, company owners from a wide territory and cooperate effectively with them.

Fair appointment program help you to make B2B meeting program with target exhibitors and spend your time much more effective . Use free program to find exhibitors who meet your specific requirements and arrange meetings.

The biggest city in the region; Izmir! One of the oldest and most important cities in the world, Izmir holds one of the most important positions in Turkey's economic life thanks to its location at the crossroads of land and sea routes and its strategic position. The city is also the fourth biggest industrial center in the country. 13% of Turkey's largest industrial entities are located in Izmir. It is also one of the most popular tourism centers for its thousands of years of history, touristic wealth and attractive cosmopolitan structure.